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ReplicaSi was mandated by the Court to discontinue the sales of replica goods. Following the lawsuit that was filed, the Court found that the replica store was offering and selling Chanel replica handbags, sunglasses and other replica products. The ruling included the Order of the Federal Court of the United States of America that the operators discontinue the illegal enterprise of offering to sell replica Chanel items.


Chanel replica bags that you see being sold online are priced quite low. Ever wonder why?

CHANEL Small Black CC Logo Purse

First, replica bags are illegally manufactured and sold by using CHANEL logos, marks, and designs without permission. No financial resources are spent by replica traders in creating original designs, but instead usurp them from reputable companies who invest an astounding amount of time, skills and money into a product.

Second, replica purses are made from materials that are often lower in durability, tainted with flaws, lighter in weight, and lack finishes.

Third, the often very deficient workmanship of the replica often leads to skipped stitching, puckering, and loose attachments.

Also, there is competition online among discount replica designer bag shops. Chanel bags, totes, clutches, backpacks, luggage and wallets are often being offered at low outlet prices in order to attempt to lure sales away from other shops.

When you really think about it, it makes no sense to purchase a replica. Even though it may look like a deal, it isn't simply due to the fact that a replica Chanel bag is not a CHANEL product. It is a product of some random factory, likely to be located in China and run by counterfeiters who are part of a larger network of criminal organizations, that does not have an affiliation with CHANEL at all. It's best to choose the original. Authentic CHANEL is surely to be found at and the CHANEL boutiques.