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ReplicaSi was mandated by the Court to discontinue the sales of replica goods. Following the lawsuit that was filed, the Court found that the replica store was offering and selling Chanel replica handbags, sunglasses and other replica products. The ruling included the Order of the Federal Court of the United States of America that the operators discontinue the illegal enterprise of offering to sell replica Chanel items.


Why Not Shop At Discount Outlets Offering Chanel Replica Handbags?

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Among the many reasons for us not to buy replica Chanel bags from discount outlets, among them are these two main reasons.

First, outlets who offer replica Chanel bags on are conducting an illegal business by selling counterfeit goods. Sales of such bags are not supported nor condoned by CHANEL. The fake handbags are not produced to the highest quality standards of CHANEL. Often, quick and crude methods are used, cheap materials are incorporated, and unskillful workers are hired. Prices cut drastically low at replica outlets often will lead to stock filled with bags drastically missing in quality as well.

Second, discount outlets who offer new handbags featuring CHANEL designs and logos are best avoided altogether. It is likely that the bags are illegal products being trafficked into the country against many laws and regulations. Buying replica Chanel bags actually could fund illegal activities associated with criminal organizations including money laundering, tax evasion and terrorism.

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