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ReplicaSi was mandated by the Court to discontinue the sales of replica goods. Following the lawsuit that was filed, the Court found that the replica store was offering and selling Chanel replica handbags, sunglasses and other replica products. The ruling included the Order of the Federal Court of the United States of America that the operators discontinue the illegal enterprise of offering to sell replica Chanel items.


Replica Chanel handbag, jewelry and watch shops have been attempting to make their presence known on the internet.

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While shoehorning their way onto the internet, we see replica CHANEL outlets online who are making promises they cannot keep. Promises about replica bags being 100% mirror-image or identical to the original are empty claims and promises that are doomed to be broken.

It is easy to know that a replica shop is making false claims when you know the difference between an original CHANEL and a knockoff. Consider the lower price point of a fake Chanel pair of earrings. It is often significantly low enough to forewarn us about it's quaLity. A replica cannot approach the supremely high quality and value of an authentic pair. The low price is surely a signal that the CHANEL experience cannot be acutalized with a replica.

Before it's too late and you become a victim of broken promises, avoid knockoff stores and rely only on the authentic.

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